Best 3 Steps to Neck Pain Recovery by your Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

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In this video I give you 3 things to ask for when seeking help for your neck pain.  When the doctor gives you the correct answers, then you have the best chance of recovery and staying healthy.  Follow through with each step to find your health again.

1. Diagnose/Detect

Find out what is the cause of the neck pain.  Is it from the spine, nerve, disc, or somewhere else?

Go through an examination with the doctor.

  1. Test range of motion of the neck, upper back, shoulders and head.

  2. Is there a certain motion that increases the pain, or causes the pain?

  3. Does any pain travel to the head, down the arm(s) or down the back?

  4. Do a posture exam.  Have the doctor analyze your posture from the front and back in a relax, standing position.

Do objective imaging?

  1. Expect an x-ray analysis to rule in or rule out a structural problem causing the pain.

Is your x-ray normal, looking like this?

Having a normal smooth curve, and symmetrical disc spacing with the head sitting over the shoulders.

OR is the neck abnormal like this?

Having a straighter spine, and narrowed disc spacing.

Lastly if the pain is intense, then an MRI to rule out disc tears, bone fractures and soft tissue tears.

2. Treatment

What type of therapy will you need to resolve the pain?

  1. Adjustments: increased motion in the spine to return the spine curve, improve disc height to reduce pain.

  2. Physical therapy: increase soft tissue and joint healing away from the spine.

  3. Start exercising to improve range of motion and strength.

How long with the therapy take?

  1. Because most conditions causing neck pain occurred over weeks and months, full recovery make take a similar time to fix the condition so it does not return.

  2. This returns the body to a better normal and helps you form better health habits. 

3. Follow-up Exam/X-rays

Then you can compare apples to apples with your initial results to check improvement.


  1. Did your range of motion improve without pain?

  2. Did your posture improve? Is your head coming more over the shoulders and is your body upright?

  3. Do you feel stronger and healthier?


  1. Does your spine look improved vs. your initial x-ray compared to normal (see comparison above)?

Increased exercises without pain.

  1. Stretches.  For example, upper trapezius stretch:

  2. Strength exercises.  For example, shoulder press:

Walking, sitting and standing better without pain:

After you have recovered from neck pain by going through these 3 steps with your doctor, continue to perform and add exercises that help you improve your posture, counter your daily stress and stay healthy.

Everyone is at a unique state of health.

Enjoy a Complimentary consultation from these specialists and recover from nerve, spine, and muscle pain.

Enjoy Health from the Inside Out.

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