LIVE w/ Celina Celeste and Dr. Anthony Ratkovic, D.C.

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Remember to walk and breath; listen to podcasts at the same time.

Here are the stretch videos mentioned:

Standing/Walking posture check

Broomstick stretch

Upper Traps Stretch

First Low Back Stretch

Here are a few links/clips to what we are talking about:

Why higher health insurance

My job as your chiropractor

How less spinal motion causes pain/stress (full video)

->less motion, increased stress hormones

How irritated nerves cause pain

Medicate or fix the problem

To relieve pain; strong and relaxed

 Why habits hard to change

Your healthcare professional should care


The Wellness Prevention Paradigm, Dr. James Chestnut, 2011

His Youtube video: Why are we so sick? 

My links:

Crooked Spine Podcast

Crooked Spine Facebook

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    Gina Estrada

    1. “Be healthy on their own”, – that is comforting to hear, that there are still doctors genuinely wanting patients to be healthy. 2. Love coconut oil, am allergic to fish oil. 3. Right mindset, yes most people want the easy way, to get medications just to feel immediate relief. 4. I’ve learned a lot (on my own) online and doing my own research about health. 5. Yes read and apply, trial and error. 6. Rancho Cucamonga….I like saying that Cucamonga. 7. Biggest don’t, don’t stop moving. Body in motion stays in motion, if you don’t use it you lose it. Glad I don’t sit too much anymore. 3 twenty minutes walk, is an hour:) .8. Uhh you’re going to have to take a roller Celina to your hikes. (Get the backpack with the hydration straw, hehe.) …..Adjustment I had once, it was relaxing. ….. Fybromyalgia, hmmm I think deficient….I’ve been detoxing for years. I often get anemic, vitamin d, vitamin b deficiencies, on and off( have many food allergies/sensitivities). My symptoms overlap with hypothyroidism. I exercise walk 5 days a week, yes when the blood flows I feel better during the walks. I do it rain or shine. Detoxed from sugar/ flour two years ago, it was a great decision. I eat clean, organic the most possible, and juice. *** my notes*** Thank you both for this podcast, and for sharing knowledge with us and addressing fibromyalgia. Think I have to address my food allergies that might be causing my deficiencies or the hypothyroidism could be as well, it is difficult since the symptoms overlap. Thank you ??.

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      Dr. Tony

      Thank you Gina for sharing your story, so others can understand how to deal with the symptoms of this/these conditions.

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