Watch the Chiropractic Adjustment for Back Pain. Mecopius,”OOF!”. Euclid Chiropractic. Upland, CA

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Chiropractor use the adjustment (moving spine bones) to help people with acute pain.

Getting an adjustment can make people feel: anxious, fearful, scared; until you finally get one.

Reactions to a patient’s first adjustment (including Mecopius) include: laughing, crying, cursing, speaking in foreign languages and in tongues.

And then the RELIEF; pain relief to start, then sleeping better, feeling happier, more energy, stronger.

Hope, now, you are excited to get adjusted to feel better.


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Dr. Tony’s Monthly Newsletter from Euclid Chiropractic: Nov. ’19 | Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Watch the video trailer here. 

Welcome to daylight savings.

Did you enjoy your extra hour of sleep?

These videos will help you stay healthy during these short days.

Watch the video by clicking each colored YouTube link.

Short Clips playlist

Staying Calm using your 3 Brains

#1 Complaint of Patients

Improve Your Sleep, Relax

Treating the Person, not the Condition

Posture Exercises playlist

3 Shoulder Exercises for Posture, Neck Pain Relief

Recap of our Walking Exercises 


Neck, Back Pain Relief after a Car Accident -James

Back Pain Relief -Ricky

Scoliosis: Mother’s Search for Help

Avoiding Neck or Back Surgery -Scott

UPS Driver’s Back Pain Help

Podcast playlist

Walking Exercises for Posture

CSP 054: Mindfulness, Healthy Eating, etc. with Christy Jones, Health Coach

How your Nerves Make your Body Stress

CSP 055: Caring and Educating to Build Your Business

Health Workshops

Is Social Media Good for Seniors? 

Back Pain Relief & Balance Exercises

Being a Successful Healthcare Professional @Upland ROP

Commencement Speech for AMA Graduates @Baldy View ROP

I. Events

8th: “How to keep your Brain Healthy.” Location: Brookdale. 1031 N. Euclid, Ontario. RSVP optional 909-931-2622. Time 10:00am – 11:00am.

15th: “Check and Fixing your Posture at Home” Location: Gibson Senior Center.  250 N 3rd Ave, Upland, CA 91786. RSVP optional @909-981-4581. Time: 12:30-1:15 pm

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CSP 053: Understanding Acupuncture (part 2) w/ Sharleen of Empire Acupuncture. Crooked Spine Show

Watch the full video:

Here is part 1-

In part 2, Sharleen explains how acupuncture helps your overall body relax and quit smoking.  She also explains her schooling works to become a licensed acupuncturist. And being in her practice for over five years now has helped her understand the current healthcare system. Listen in.

Contact and connect w/ Sharleen, Empire Acupuncture:
(909) 257-3010

Highlights (podcast times):

(2:40) Helping patients with their stress state.

(8:30) Why people haven’t tried acupuncture?

(12:30) How acupuncture helps you quit smoking.

(15:00) The diversity of acupuncturists.

(18:30) After 5 years how has Sharleen’s perspective on healthcare has changed.

(28:30) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.

Between part 1 and 2, Sharleen explains how acupuncture can be painless and help your whole body. Acupuncture helps relax your nerves so common health conditions, smoking and stress can be helped.  Sharleen’s exam starts with listening to you FIRST to understand your problems, then recommending any treatment to help your overall body feel healthy.  

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Aging: Myths-Truth & Fears. @Brookdale May ’19 | Crooked Spine Show

Watch this Full Video:

We worry and care about our senior citizens. Maybe too much? This talk with seniors helps us understand hows seniors can stay healthy (physically, mentally, socially) and avoid health issues.  Listen in.

Highlights (podcast times):

(1:00) How to prevent senility.

(4:00) How exercise helps your brain & hormones.

(6:45) Are seniors prone to falling? Why?

(12:30) Is isolation a problem for seniors?

(19:00) The benefit of being guilty by association.

(22:30) Can a daily routine help us stay healthy?

(27:30) Why seniors are prone to dehydration.

(30:20) Summarizing today’s talk.

(35:30) When should seniors stop driving?

(39:45) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.

This talk helps us stay as we age.  Having a routine of mental and physical exercises, and friends to check in with you, seem to be the key. Thanks Gloria and Brian for leading the conversation.

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CSP 052: Cedar House. Addiction Recovery with Jamie and Mike (part 2). Crooked Spine Show

Watch the Full Video

In part 2, Jamie and Mike explain how Cedar, Maple and Oasis House work differently to help people addiction get back on their feet.  Also how the staff is trained to use love to help patients.

Highlights (podcast times):

(2:00) Staff training at Cedar House.

(11:00) Maple House for single moms & their kids.

(17:00) How patients are assessed.

(23:00) What behaviors cause people to relapse.

(31:00) What is patient centered care.

(39:00) Oasis House helps potential 18-25 year olds.

(46:00) How volunteering here helps everyone. Melody’s story.

As Cedar House continues to expand to other houses, they can help people with specific needs for longer periods of times.  Then their purpose of changing lives can continue to grow to more people and locations.

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CSP 052: Cedar House. Addiction Recovery with Mike and Jamie (part 1). Crooked Spine Show

Watch the Full Video

All of us deal with stress differently.  Some people deal with stress by using drugs and alcohol to cope.  Cedar House helps people deal learn to live and thrive without addiction.  Mike and Jamie explain how Cedar House works to give people a second chance.

Highlights (podcast times):

(2:10) The different treatment centers at Cedar House.

(5:20) The assessment of clients.

(6:20) How detox works here.

(10:10) Learning to deal with life without alcohol/drugs.

(12:40) Why beating addiction is difficult.

(15:30) If age, being single or a parent affect being addiction.

(17:55) Is someone ever cured of addiction?

(20:10) How humility and socialization helps fight addiction & life.

(24:25) Why addicts go to their comfort zone.

Cedar House helps you find the cause of your stress to use drugs or alcohol.  Then they help you detox and give you the tools (such as humility and relationships) to thrive in life without relapsing.

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#1 Way your Body Stays Strong and Relaxed. In-office April ’19. Crooked Spine Show

Watch the full video on YouTube. 

Your body is like your car: it has sensors and a wiring system to prevent your car from dying.  In this talk I explain to new patients your body’s wiring system. Then how to interpret how to feel to find the source of the problem; and, lastly, fix it.  Listen (or watch) to learn how to get and stay well.

Highlights (podcast times):

(2:45) How your body’s created to keep you healthy.

(6:30) Nerves-how to measure its health state.

(11:00) How the nerve chart links to your symptoms. (See nerve chart)

(27:30) What prevents you from having symptoms.

Q/A time.

(31:45) Is back surgery your best option?

(34:15) Why doctors don’t listen to patients.

(38:35) Can stretching relax you?

(40:40) Dr. Tony wrap up.

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Can Extra Effort Now, Pay off Later? @Baldy View ROP, Upland. Crooked Spine Show

These students travel here after school to improve their education and experience to help them in their dedication to become a health professional.  This talk helps them NOW learn the mindset, posture and attitude to make their schooling and life easier in becoming a healthcare professional later.

Highlights (podcast times):

(3:00) As you get older, what pace will school/life be?

(4:20) Reputation vs. Character. Like your friends?

(6:00) Learn the way YOU learn.

(10:10) Effect of self-talk.

(11:30) Why experience helps your future; and my interns.

(16:50) How relaxing makes you a better student/health professional.

(18:50) Relax in correct posture (sitting/standing) and while moving.

(27:00) Staying excited about your profession.

(29:10) Finding your post-graduate school -look closely.

(30:50) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

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