CSP 053: Understanding Acupuncture (part 2) w/ Sharleen of Empire Acupuncture. Crooked Spine Show

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In part 2, Sharleen explains how acupuncture helps your overall body relax and quit smoking.  She also explains her schooling works to become a licensed acupuncturist. And being in her practice for over five years now has helped her understand the current healthcare system. Listen in.

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Highlights (podcast times):

(2:40) Helping patients with their stress state.

(8:30) Why people haven’t tried acupuncture?

(12:30) How acupuncture helps you quit smoking.

(15:00) The diversity of acupuncturists.

(18:30) After 5 years how has Sharleen’s perspective on healthcare has changed.

(28:30) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.

Between part 1 and 2, Sharleen explains how acupuncture can be painless and help your whole body. Acupuncture helps relax your nerves so common health conditions, smoking and stress can be helped.  Sharleen’s exam starts with listening to you FIRST to understand your problems, then recommending any treatment to help your overall body feel healthy.  

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