Aging: Myths-Truth & Fears. @Brookdale May ’19 | Crooked Spine Show

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We worry and care about our senior citizens. Maybe too much? This talk with seniors helps us understand hows seniors can stay healthy (physically, mentally, socially) and avoid health issues.  Listen in.

Highlights (podcast times):

(1:00) How to prevent senility.

(4:00) How exercise helps your brain & hormones.

(6:45) Are seniors prone to falling? Why?

(12:30) Is isolation a problem for seniors?

(19:00) The benefit of being guilty by association.

(22:30) Can a daily routine help us stay healthy?

(27:30) Why seniors are prone to dehydration.

(30:20) Summarizing today’s talk.

(35:30) When should seniors stop driving?

(39:45) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.

This talk helps us stay as we age.  Having a routine of mental and physical exercises, and friends to check in with you, seem to be the key. Thanks Gloria and Brian for leading the conversation.

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