Can Extra Effort Now, Pay off Later? @Baldy View ROP, Upland. Crooked Spine Show

These students travel here after school to improve their education and experience to help them in their dedication to become a health professional.  This talk helps them NOW learn the mindset, posture and attitude to make their schooling and life easier in becoming a healthcare professional later.

Highlights (podcast times):

(3:00) As you get older, what pace will school/life be?

(4:20) Reputation vs. Character. Like your friends?

(6:00) Learn the way YOU learn.

(10:10) Effect of self-talk.

(11:30) Why experience helps your future; and my interns.

(16:50) How relaxing makes you a better student/health professional.

(18:50) Relax in correct posture (sitting/standing) and while moving.

(27:00) Staying excited about your profession.

(29:10) Finding your post-graduate school -look closely.

(30:50) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

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