CSP 052: Cedar House. Addiction Recovery with Mike and Jamie (part 1). Crooked Spine Show

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All of us deal with stress differently.  Some people deal with stress by using drugs and alcohol to cope.  Cedar House helps people deal learn to live and thrive without addiction.  Mike and Jamie explain how Cedar House works to give people a second chance.

Highlights (podcast times):

(2:10) The different treatment centers at Cedar House.

(5:20) The assessment of clients.

(6:20) How detox works here.

(10:10) Learning to deal with life without alcohol/drugs.

(12:40) Why beating addiction is difficult.

(15:30) If age, being single or a parent affect being addiction.

(17:55) Is someone ever cured of addiction?

(20:10) How humility and socialization helps fight addiction & life.

(24:25) Why addicts go to their comfort zone.

Cedar House helps you find the cause of your stress to use drugs or alcohol.  Then they help you detox and give you the tools (such as humility and relationships) to thrive in life without relapsing.

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