CSP 082 : Kids & Adults Staying Healthy & Safe at Power of One Martial Arts in Upland. Crooked Spine Show

Looking to stay healthy and lower stress? Jeremy and Jessica can help you and your family do both at Power of One Martial Arts.  Learn how now they are working with people virtually and outside to continue to keep the community healthy physically and mentally.

Experience a class in person or online. Contact and connect Jeremy and Jessica: https://uplanddojo.com



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(2:20) Jeremy’s and Jessica’s past struggles and experience have help them be resilient.

(7:30)  More than trainers/coaches.

(11:15) Their secret to success, NOW.

(12:15) How Jessica and Jeremy are helping families, kids.

(17:30) Their process of transitioning to an outdoor studio (in summer).

(19:10) Teaching martial arts, virtually.

(21:10) Cross training baseball,soccer, and other athletes with martial arts.

(23:15) How this studio teaches discipline.

(25:00) Parents feedback about the training.

(26:00) How Jessica & Jeremy build confidence and keep kids mentally healthy.

(31:15) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.