Hunchback Posture Recovery and Prevention @Gibson Nov. ’16. Crooked Spine Show

Right now, the #1 reason for neck/shoulder/upper back pain? HUNCHBACK Posture. As we sit longer for work or school, our bodies will adapt to this stressor.  Get pain relief and stay pain-free by understanding the stretches and strength exercises you can do.  Learn the simple home exercises in this workshop.

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(3:30) Effects of hunch posture on muscles imbalance.

(5:30) Lower resting breathing.

(7:30) Starting exercise to improve posture.

(9:30) Proper walking to improve posture.

(11:30) Sitting towel stretch for the upper back.

(14:30) Shoulder recovery from bad posture.

(18:30) Neck exercise for upper back  recovery.

(20:30) Chair squat for lower back leg strength.

(24:30) Back shoulder muscle strength for upper back recovery.

(27:30) Back brace advice.

(28:30) Pillow advice.

(29:55) Dr. Tony’s wrap.