CSP 081: How to Keep Calm in these Covid Times? Guest Norina Verduzco – Murphy, Clinical Therapist. Crooked Spine Show

How long can you and your family last during this pandemic? Norina is a licensed, experienced therapist. Her patients before the pandemic already learned the tools to stay healthy throughout. Norina shares her secrets to keep your minds and bodies healthy no matter how long it takes to get back to normal.

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1:00 Norina’s schooling, experience and office.

2:00 Social Media -how to keep our minds healthy with today’s pandemic.

9:50 How to recover from social media overload. Norina’s best app to help.

15:25 Forming positive habits for your health.

18:00 Helping parents with the stress of distance learning for our kids.

25:45 Find a routine to help kids to lower stress.

29:00 Helping kids learn by their choices.

32:00 Setting boundaries to avoid unhealthy friends, etc.

36:15 Learn/practice healthy habits without hesitating; and room for grace.