CSP 078: Better Health, Now. The High Vibe Nation. Hosts Sherry, Pamela, Christy. Crooked Spine Show

Sherry, Pamela, and Christy question Dr. Tony on The High Vib Nation. This will be an amazing interview about how Dr. Tony has created a high vibe life. Dr. Tony is passionate about educating people about chiropractic care, home exercises, and specific adjustments, so they can keep themselves healthy naturally.  Listen in.

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(5:15) How Dr. Tony stays “high vibe” to help people.

(8:50) How chiropractic works.

(12:15) Reduce mental stress.

(14:30) How the 50’s and over are helped by chiropractic.

(20:15) Staying in a healthier state with chiropractic.

(21:30) Helping kids/your immune system with chiropractic.

(30:15) The beginnings of the Crooked Spine Show podcast.

(33:50) Pain relief from loading dishwasher/vacuuming.

(35:45) When to get checked by a chiropractor?

(37:30) Mars funny chiropractic story.

(46:45) Improve your sleep.

(52:00) Reduce eye strain.

(56:00) Less back strain on Zoom.

(58:50) Better posture.

(1:04:25) Dr. Tony’s wrap.