Back Pain Relief. What to Expect and 8 Patient Stories. Crooked Spine Show

How is chiropractic SO EFFECTIVE in fixing back pain?  The first step of this episode with walk you through the steps a chiropractic takes to find the cause of your back pain, explain how the adjustment treatment fixes the pain, and how continuous rehab during treatment can stop back pain from returning.  The second part of this episode with give you eight patient experiences that also helped sleep, leg nerve pain, and feeling happy and beautiful.  Jump to the highlights or checkout the full episode.

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(1:15) What to expect.

(4:20) Virginia’s relief, better energy, happier.

(5:35) Israel’s relief after an accident.

(6:40) Hannah’s relief and back to softball 100%.

(9:30) Donna’s relief and no sciatic pain down the leg.

(10:50: Stephen’s relief with better sleep and no more limp.

(13:20) Rita relief and back to her beautiful self.

(16:20) Cynthia’s relief and back to an active lifestyle.

(20:35) Selma’s relief with no leg nerve pain and sleeping better.

(21:40) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.