Back Pain Relief Exercises. @ Gibson Oct. ’19. Crooked Spine Show

All of us will suffer some type of back pain in our lives.  This pain can lead to lower quality of life, taking pills daily, feeling weak, and more. These exercises will help restore your back strength to help you tolerate your daily stress.

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(3:00) 1st check our posture.

(6:30) Towel stretch exercise -this way.

(9:00) Back stretch on your stomach.

(13:30) Fixing scar tissue after an injury.

(15:40) Bridge exercise for a stronger back.

(19:30) How pain lowers body’s stress tolerance.

(20:30) Squat exercise. These modifications for a stronger back.

(27:40) Chuck (guest) demos the squat for seniors.

(33:30) How flexibility helps you.

(36:55) Dr. Tony’s wrap.