Tips for a Healthy Brain. @Brookdale Nov. ’19. Crooked Spine Show

Our brain is the main hardware of our body.  How do we keep it healthy, or recover from a brain injury? This talk explores different methods for both. Toward the end of the talk David explains his stroke recovery exercise. Genius! Listen in.

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(2:30) Example of an audience member recovered from dementia.

(6:15) Can activity help?

(8:30) Can posture improve your brain health.

(15:30) Improve your breathing/neck motion by this exercise.

(19:15) Using puzzles for brain health.

(22:40) How other can help you/you can help others.

(26:00) What David did to recover from his stroke.

(28:30) Attitudes effect on brain health recovery.

(32:00) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.