Staying Healthy at Home. Try these Exercises. Crooked Spine Show

Perfect timing for this podcast.  If we want to kill this virus, we need to keep ourselves at home.  But how do we avoid getting weak just lying around? These exercises will help you stay healthy, relaxed and strong until we can get back to our normal lives. Checkout this workshop.

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(1:50) Setting your sitting posture.

(4:40) Finding a good standing posture.

(9:50) Fixing hunching posture. This corner stretch.

(13:40) Upper back strength/better posture with this reverse fly exercise.

(20:10) Plank exercise for lower back and core strength.

(24:50) How to stronger to help you posture.

(30:50) Carry a purse this way to help your posture.

(36:50) How to keep track of your health improvement.

(40:50) Lunge stretch for back strength/posture.

(43:15) Calf and hip pain relief with exercises.

(55:15) Dr. Tony’s wrap.