Upper Back Pain Relief & Better Balance. @Gibson July ’19. Crooked Spine Show.

Need help with neck, upper back or shoulder pain?  These seven exercises explained in this workshop will help stretch and then strengthen your body to keep your body pain-free. Listen in or watch through links below.

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(2:00) #1 reason for upper back pain.

(3:10) How to sit/stand with better posture.

(8:20) Proper pillow and sleeping position.

(28:40) Broomstick exercise.

(32:10) Towel stretch exercise. Leora demos.

(34:50) Wall Fly exercise.

(38:00) Reverse Fly exercise.

(39:30) Pull down exercise.

(40:45) Upper Trapezius exercise.

(42:20) Reverse of exercises.

(50:30) How movement helps stress, pain.

(58:20) Walking exercise for posture/balance.

(1:03:35) Dr. Tony’s wrap.