CSP 059: Active Shooter Training (part 1). Are you Prepared? w/ Guest Wilbur LaSane Jr. Crooked Spine Show

Are you safe at work? Does your company keep you safe? Wilbur explains how this training can help save your life and people around you. Listen to the specific tips Wilbur gives to be safe now if you are trapped by an active shooter.

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(2:20) Wilbur’s background training and current company.

(4:40) Risk assessment of your company/building/employees.

(7:10) Preparing your outside vs inside of a building.

(9:30) Procedures for special needs.

(11:30) Employee training for an active shooter.

(15:30) Who is your PRO (public relations) officer.

(17:50) Does training help you fight or flight?

(19:30) Walking through the training procedures.

(24:40) How this training helps your local law enforcement.

(26:40) What are the new target areas and why are they not protected.

(28:40) Why an employees mentality changes to an active shooter.

(32:50) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.

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