Workplace Bullying. Learn to Stop the Stress & Enjoy your Career. Guest Tammy Dunnett explains how. Crooked Spine Show

Bullying is commonly kept a secret especially in large companies. Most commonly women are the targets and this needs to stop. Today’s guest is Tammy Dunnett, a communication coach and nurse. She helps people affected by bullying reclaim their reputation and confidence by learning communication skills (see her PAUSED Model below).  Then her clients get more out of their careers and life.

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(2:40)  Tammy’s personal story of workplace bullying.

(7:10)  Why work policies don’t work.

(11:10)  When looking for a new job, check for this too.

(16:10)  In a conflict, who needs to change? Who needs to speak up?

(21:30) How can bullying effect your family or home life?

(23:40)  Tammy new client assessment. How she will help you.

(29:40)  Then how Tammy helps her clients to communicate (not conflict) with coworkers.  Here is the PAUSED  Model–

(39:40) Example from Tammy’s clients with coworkers & family.