WOMEN: looking to become a MOM? Aimee Spencer explains how to optimize your odds to conceive and more. Crooked Spine Show

Whether you’re starting on your pregnancy journey or already looking at fertility treatments, this interview is for you.  Today’s talk is with Aimee Spencer, a certified Physician Assistant turned Functional Fertility Practitioner. After working in conventional medicine for over 10 years, she grew tired and frustrated with doling out medications and never feeling like she was able to get to the root cause of their problems. She then went on to become a Functional Medicine Practitioner focusing on INFERTILITY.   She helps couples understand their fertility journey to optimize their odds to conceive. Aimee’s goal is to help you and your partner find your optimal physical health through a science-based approach by lab testing, and an overall physical & mental health assessment. This will allow Aimee to help you rebalance hormones, improve gut health, regulate your cycle as well as optimize egg and sperm quality for improved energy and sexual health.

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Show highlights:

(3:20) Aimee’s background & why is passionate about helping moms-to-be.

(6:25) How Aimee fills the gap your MD might miss.

(8:50) Importance of looking at one’s lifestyle.

(11:15) How hormone therapy “may” help you.

(12:45) The step-by-step help Aimee provides.

(15:00) Checking your vitamin/mineral levels.

(20:30) Also, checking the spouse to improve fertility.

(27:30) What testing helps Aimee help you.

(36:15) Aimee’s takeaway – when to reach out to a Functional Fertility Practioner.