When your doctor says, “Everything is normal.” How Layne Vanlieshout of LV Wellness can help you.

What the title means is you should always ask your doctor if your tests are “normal”, what else you can do? This may be your next option. Layne VanLieshout is a Functional Medicine clinician and a nurse practitioner. She works with her patients one on one to help understand the underlying cause why they feel “unwell.” Layne will spend the time with you. In today’s interview Layne will help us understand how to heal your body long term when suffering from hormonal imbalances, gut conditions, and more.

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(3:00) Layne’s bio and clinician experience; finding the root cause.

(5:10) Initial client interaction: 90 minute interview, past history, labs, treatments.

(7:40) How to diagnose a hormone imbalance condition; and what you might feel.

(13:50) Gut health: what problems you may have; testing and fixing any conditions.

(23:10) Importance of learning to stay healthy, long-term.

(31:00) Layne’s take aways.