The Right Way to follow a Detox Plan. Layne Vanlieshout explains. Crooked Spine Show

Learn the health benefits to detoxing your body & the naturally methods that work for Layne’s clients.

1. Signs that your toxic burden is high

A. Symptoms

B. Prior Exposures

2. Why so many people are experiencing toxicity

A. Environmental

B. Food, water, air

C. Pesticides

D. Mold

E. Toxin bucket

F. Blocked drainage pathways

3. Common detox pitfalls

A. Cleanses, juices

B. Not supporting drainage pathways first

C. Thinking you have to do everything at once e.g. swap products

D. Skipping steps

4. 3 steps to make sure your body is detoxing properly

A. Drainage pathways

B. Daily habits

C. Product swaps

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