The Real Work Behind Being a Chiropractic Student then Doctor. @Professional Spotlight, KGI.

Was is the Work required to become a licensed chiropractor/health professional; then practice your profession? In this talk with students and career counselors will understand what it takes to succeed as a healthcare practitioner for the longterm.

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(3:50) What is your ROI of going to school?

(5:30) Improve the quality of life for patients.

(18:00) Patient’s reaction to the chiropractic adjustments.

(19:20)How to build trust with patients and show you care.

(26:20) How volunteering can help you.

(29:50) Staying connected with your patients.

(32:50) My secret to finding the best places to volunteer, then find a job.

(39:20) Q/A: what pains should I go and see a chiropractor?

(44:10) What happens after you finish chiropractic school?

(46:00) What physicality is needed to be a chiropractor.

(49:20) Q/A: What other health profession would Dr. Tony choose instead of chiropractic?