The Body & Mind Connection to Pain, Stress, etc. Guest Sebastian Reis, Cert. Energy Healer explains. Crooked Spine Show

When your over stressed, does your body tighten? Mine does. Let’s find out why. Today’s guest is Sebastian Reis is a certified Energy healer in Germany. It’s proven the body’s internal energy is self-healing and looks to stay in balance when healthy. Emotions can be trapped in your physical body that can block this energy to can external and internal pains. Today Sebastian teaches us how find your trapped emotions that are keeping your keeping your body from feeling well and happy.

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(3:15) How Sebastian helped by energy healing after a near-death experience.

(7:30) Sebastian’s explains his learning to become a healer.

(12:45) Examples how an energy healer can help you (relationships, learning ability, physical pain).

(24:30) Difference from a mental health therapist: getting out of your past.

(27:30) Have a chronic illness? How energy healing can help.

(30:30) Get and stay in a positive emotional state by this.

(34:30) Meaning of “energy goes where attention is.”

(38:45) How your body is built to self-heal.

(45:30) Sebastian’s mission as an energy healer.