Taking Care of your Skin is Healthcare. Guest Este Bleu explains how. Crooked Spine Show

Do you believe in staying healthy, naturally? Finding a wellness advocate like Este Bleu is rare. She has knowledge and experience as a licensed esthetician, advanced neuromuscular therapist, lymphatic massage therapist, body sculpting and more. If you want to feel good inside and look good outside, checkout the show as Este explains how she helps people; and shared her success stories with her current clients.

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(4:20) Why Este is passionate about skin care and your health.

(8:00) Este’s partnership with clients is lifestyle based.

(10:00) Who does Este’s services help.

(14:50) A client’s success. Connie’s story.

(19:45) What vitamin, supplements for better skin. Breathing.

(21:20) How body sculpting works; lymphatic massage.

(25:00) Proper skin care can be anti-aging.

(27:20) Tru-Curviosity: being comfortable with your body size/type.

(29:40) Why medicine/health insurance is starting to pay for skincare.