Strategies to Lower Stress & Fatigue in your Body. Dr. Tony guests on the Less Stress Life Show w/ Host Dr. Joel Rosen

If/when you see a chiropractor what should you expect? Dr. Rosen and Dr. Tony attended the same chiropractic school, and both graduated 20 years ago. Now, both explain how they help reduce a person’s stress and fatigue, but in different ways. Can this help you fight the right health professional to help your overall wellbeing? Checkout the show.

Checkout the Less Stress Life Show w/ Dr. Rosen


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(5:00) How chiropractic helps reduce stress to your body.

(11:30) Are your health professionals living in integrity?

(13:45) Looking into a person’s mindset to help the whole well-being.

(20:15) Patients choosing relief care versus healing.

(33:45) Having a WHY to get and stay healthy.

(37:15) Dr. Rosen’s story of becoming a successful Adrenal Fatigue expert.

(40:50) When patients understand, “The Power that made The Body Heals The Body.”

(42:45) Chiropractic on social media’s effect on our reputation is debated.

(48:00) How our stressors have changed from 10, 20, 30 years ago.

(56:00) What would these chiros say to help their younger selves coming out of school.