Keys to Start, Sustain and Grow any Private Healthcare Office, Today. Guest Dr. Tony on The Adam Keller Show.

Adam’s show is helping people understand how businesses work to be successful. Dr. Tony and Dr. Weaver have been partners for almost twenty years. Watch or listen as he interviews Dr. Tony to understand the mindset and actions needed early in a private healthcare office to be and stay successful.

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 (2:00) What’s the purpose of our YouTube channel?

(3:30) Why I chose to be a chiropractic, my journey to getting my license and my secret to getting a job after.

(7:00) Importance of mentors and Not reinventing the wheel.

(9:30) Learning to adapt.

(11:10) I am a chiropractor and…

(13:45) What I would tell chiropractic students (or any private healthcare students) preparing to start practicing.

(15:00) Grow your practice by being a “specialist.” Betting on a positive R.O.I.

(16:40) What is one THING you want people to know?

(19:50) Making chiropractic/your service part of your main social media feed.

(21:00) What to Expect Euclid Chiropractic.