How to Live with Psoriasis AND Have a High Quality of Life, Naturally. Expert Dayna Hrovath explains how. Crooked Spine Show

Psoriasis is rarely understood unless you have it. In general it is a skin condition that looks like a rash that will not go away. It can affect a person physically, emotionally and psychologically. And the medication side effects can be extreme. Dayna Hrovath is my psoriasis expert. She will help us understand how to treat this condition naturally and through self-care. Her clients live a higher quality of life by having a consistent healthy routine of diet, exercise and more. Let’s find out how.

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Topics for today:

-what is psoriasis.

-it is defined as a genetic or environmental condition.

-how psoriasis is initially diagnosed; can it be resolved.

-When meeting your medical doctor, how is medical treatment approached.

-common side effects from the medications.

-how does the medical treatment medications affect a person’s mental, emotional and physical health.

-when someone contacts Dayna for help, what are the common worries they want help with.

-how do you explain alternative topical or oral treatments; and get your clients to switch.

-how do you give a client hope?

-are there healthy routines you help implement with your clients.

-what can someone start today to help themselves manage/relieve their psoriasis.

-Dayna’s takeaways.