How this Group Exercise keeps Seniors Fit and More. Evan Russo, Expert Trainer for Seniors explains.

Coach Evan Russo explains how he coaches his clients by consistently keeping them moving to see long-term results in their physical and mental health.

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(7:50) Mindset of seniors BEFORE starting exercise; the fear.

(12:20) Time frame to exercise to feel comfortable, committed.

(14:20) Secret to getting your parents to start exercise.

(18:50) Lowering risk of injury by having a certified senior coach.

(20:00) Benefit of group exercise classes.

(30:50) The value (time & money) of paying for a trainer, coach.

(33:00) Shifting mindset from sick care to healthcare.

(39:00) Have a health team; in addition to your health insurance doctors.

(40:30) Group exercise, having a coach to keep clients accountable.

(46:00) Evan’s takeaways- community, mindset, communication.