How Fit Learning helps a Child’s Learning Competence & Confidence. Guest Dr. Julie explains. Crooked Spine Show

Our children are usually given one way to learn and test in our schools. The one size fits all model taught in schools can make some students feel left behind and/or labeled as having a learning disability. This can lead to emotional stress to the child as well as the parents. Fit Learning is a nationwide program that helps kids regain their confidence. Today’s interview with Dr. Julie Albanese at their Claremont location will help you help understand Fit Learning’s methods that has proven to improve a child’s ability to learn.

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(3:00) Why Dr. Julie is passionate about helping kids learn.

(6:30) Dr. Julie’s (and Dr. Tony’s) personal experience with standardized testing.

(9:40) How mentors can help you.

(18:00) How failures can lead to your success.

(20:30) Fit Learning: how the program works.

(25:30) Learning’s effect on brain development.

(28:00) A national study: is traditional teaching effective?

(29:30) How a child, teenager is evaluated for Fit Learning.

(34:20) Dr. Julie’s takeaways: have a sense of urgency to improve child’s learning vs. meds intervention, etc.