How a Life Coach Help you Thrive & Feel Fulfilled. Guest Lani Kim on the #crookedspineshow

I needed Lani’s help. As a chiropractor, I know what you need to do to get healthy; but I didn’t understand the mindset that stopped my patients from getting well. Lani Kim is an experienced life coach. She starts with small steps to help her clients reach their goals. Lani share a few of her secrets that have helped people see then do the work to improve their lives. Checkout the show.

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(2:40) Lani’s experience that lead up to her being a life coach.

(5:00) #1 emotion holding you back.

(7:40) Are you buffering with anger, alcohol, your phone? And how to fix.

(26:20) Steps to a fit mind and body; using your WHY.

(38:50) Take action and adjust when needed; how your primitive brains stops you and your frontal lobe helps.

(45:50) Using past experiences to retrain your brain.

(49:00) How a life coach can help you now.

(53:10) Are you improving? Here is how you know.

(1:01:05) Your body requires physical fitness to improve your mindset to do the work; then reach your goals.