Fixing Upper Pain: Causes, Your Stretches and Muscle Building Exercises to be Pain-free. @Gibson Aug. ’22. Crooked Spine Show

Upper back pain can come from many sources.  This workshop explains the causes and how to fix it through exercises. Also, you will understand how posture plays a role in the cause and correction of your upper back. Check it out.

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Upper back pain causes:

-poor posture 

-accidents/trauma (recent or past without proper recovery) 


-change in physical stress (having a baby, job change, starting/changing your working out) 

Upper back pain effects: 

-local pain

-chest tightness: pain with breathing 

-shoulder pain 

-neck, lower back pain. 

How to diagnose: 

-physical exam 

-posture check (weak or tight muscles)


(18:40) Your stretch exercises:

-Lying down/face up/arms overhead


-corner stretch. 

Your strength exercises:

-elbows to the side, water bottles out

-wall push-up

-reverse fly (bent over)

Daily posture awareness. 

-standing/walking (wall pasture check)

-sitting posture check