Finding Your “Self Care.” Get started with Guest Marcella Reyes, founders of SoCal Fitness and Massage in Claremont, CA

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When I meet a patient for the first time, one of my first questions is, “what do you do for self care?” This lets me understand their health habits (or lack thereof). My guest today can help improve your self care routine to get and stay healthy. Marcella Reyes is the owner and operator of SoCal Fitness and Massage Therapy right here in Claremont, CA. She has the experience and knowledge as a licensed massage therapist and certifications in personal training, ergonomics and as a exercise specialists. Marcella helps many people recover from injuries and stay healthy through her combination of services. Let’s find out how much so I can help you get to a better state of health.

Topics covered today:

-why did you become a massage therapist; then want to open SoCal Fitness and Massage.

-explain in detail the services you offer to your clients to improve their health.

-what are common struggles that your clients present with. -how do you decide which treatments to suggest for your clients.

-how does the person’s physical state improve with treatment; and their mental state.

-what frequency of treatments do your clients usually maintain their peak health.

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