Exercises to Help You Walk Pain-Free & Stay Strong. @Gibson May ’23. Crooked Spine Show

Walking is the most simple way to keep your whole body healthy…usually. Have an injury and poor posture can make walking painful, so you will naturally avoid this . This workshop will give you steps to self-assess your posture, gait, balance (and the muscles that control these). Then you can walk pain-free and build muscle with better posture to live a healthy quality of life.

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What are the causes of painful walking?  Ex: Trauma, surgery, balance, posture, etc.

Strategy to walking better:

* Assess spine, hip, knee/ankle alignment.

* Assess standing & walking posture. (Check feet, upper back)

Exercises to improve walking (in this order).

1. Seated Rolling Feet

2. Wall Leg Extensions

3. Wall Squats

4. Wall Hamstring/Back Stretch

5. Wall THIS way Then Wall Walking Exercise. Maintain rolling feet, head up.

*These modifications: A. Eye opens, Forward; then back B. Eyes closed forward; then back.

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