CSP 071: Connecting the Brain, Mind and Body for Better Health. Guest Christy Jones. Crooked Spine Show

Can this talk help you understand your body and mind health? And your family’s too? Christy Jones is a practitioner of movement and staying present.  Schools appreciate Christy’s work with their young students for years.  In this interview Christy goes deep in the science linking the body, mind and brain to improve our health.

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Here is the video we are talking about w/ Christy’s exercise movements-https://www.facebook.com/1275098891/videos/10221589054657103/

Contact and connect with Christy Jones- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF9VgD1GEVjCrYb8RM63iyw https://www.facebook.com/ChristyJonesHealthCoach/ https://www.instagram.com/christyholistichealth/

(626) 825-5029


(2:20) Starting interview with this breathing exercise.

(5:40) Christy’s continuous work with young students.

(8:20) Why “staying present” helps your health.

(10:20) The brain/body connection; different of the mind and brain.

(20:30) The energy flow between us.

(23:20) How mindfulness helps the body, mind; ADHD

(25:00) Heart math -linking the heart and brain.

(29:30) Helping a child by being present.

(33:20) Cool head/warm abdomen. Getting to a calm state. Tapping exercise.

(39:10) How motion creates emotion.

(41:20) How mirror neurons affect your health.

(45:50) How chronic pain affects your digestion, heart rate, etc.

(48:20) Dr. Tony’s wrap.