CSP 076: Be Resilient to Stay Healthy in Covid 2020. Dr. Doug, Samaritan Counseling Center. Crooked Spine Show

Are you also STRESSED now? Going into our 6th month of our pandemic, our lives have changed.  How do we adapt and stay healthy now? Dr. Doug of Samaritan Counseling Center in Upland identifies common stressors in these times, and how to adapt to them. Listen in.

Connect with Dr. Doug and the Samaritan Counseling Center: http://www.samaritancares.org

Upland, CA (909) 985-0513

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(7:00) Anger/Stress management -its origin and how to get help.

(29:00) Dealing with Loss (job, family/friend connection, routines).

(39:10) Starting a plan B or C Routine for your health.

(52:00) How quarantine/isolation causes stress.

(56:40) Why Dr. Doug is screaming RESILIENCE.

(1::10:00) Want to feel better faster? Get a trainer, coach, therapist.

(1:06:00) Have a real perception of your present reality.

(1:15:00) Grow (get healthier) only occurs through stress.

(1:29:30) Dr. Doug’s wrap up.

(1:39:40) Dr. Tony’s post podcast wrap up.