CSP 072: Can Acupuncture Help you? Guest Dr. Atil Narayan of Natural Wonders Healthcare. Crooked Spine Show

This acupuncturist and Natural Wonders Healthcare has built a strong brand in their community and within the medical profession.  Through years of helping and educating people, Dr. Atil Narayan explains the healing through acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and more.

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(2:00) Dr. Atil’s early beginnings.

(3:30) Going from practitioner to business owner.

(4:40) Being successful in hard times.

(8:00) Working with M.D.’s/community to build reputation.

(10:50) QI/Chi -the body’s healing source.

(13:30) Your body’s energy is like a car battery.

(17:30) Healing a person by treating the whole person.

(20:20) Dr. Atil’s new patient steps.

(28:20) How your physical health is link to your emotions.

(35:20) Plethora of treatments at this center to help you.

(41:15) The effect of good bedside manner.