CSP 069: How and Why to Get More Flexible. Derek & Dr. Tony. Episode 2. Crooked Spine Show

Ready to get back to an exercise routine?  Be careful because this is when injuries can occur. Focusing on your optimal flexibility, then strength, can save you time rehabbing a hamstring, shoulder, etc. Derek explains how he helps his clients find their optimal flexibility, and how to rehab. Listen in.

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(2:30) The Assessment; before you start exercise.

(6:30) Example, hamstring recovery.

(9:00) Foundation phase; starting training.

(11:50) Why there are increased injuries post-Covid.

(17:00) Getting instruction how to foam roll to stretch.

(18:45) Working without a trainer; when it’s ok.

(23:00) Shoulder Rehab -for Jane, Joe and the athlete.

(29:30) How this shoulder tightness causes injury.

(35:00) How to find and get your optimal range of motion.

(46:50) When a trainer can help you.

(55:30) Dr. Tony’s wrap.