CSP 066: Yoga -Mind and Body Health for ALL. Interview with Hannah Uiri. Crooked Spine Show

Yoga can help you deal with your life’s stress. Hannah Uiri specializes in specific yoga techniques range from helping people deal with severe trauma, to people wanting to start yoga for better physical and mental health.  Hannah’s helps a lot of people for different reasons.  Listen to this podcast to learn why.

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(1:30) Why Hannah started yoga; car accidents recovery.

(10:30) Different styles of yoga explained.

(12:10) Yoga for flexibility, strength, injury prevention.

(16:00) Add yoga to chiropractic therapy for faster injury recovery.

(19:00) Restorative yoga for stress.

(20:30) Savasanah -what is it? why it’s important.

(26:15) Hannah’s specific yoga for trauma/stress/life.

(37:10) Using breathing to lower stress.

(43:00) how yoga sharpens your mind (to be a better axe thrower).

(45:15) First steps to introducing your body/mind to yoga.

(58:20) Dr. Tony’s wrap.