CSP 059: Active Shooter Training (part 2). The 4 Steps to Emergency Management. Wilbur on the Crooked Spine Show

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In this part 2 Wilbur explains the 4 steps in training for an active shooter event.  This starts with prevention (knowing your employees, building, etc.), and ending with recovery (how to help the employees get back to work). Listen to the details in this episode.

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(0:45) The 4 Steps -prevent, prepare, response, and recovery.

(5:50) Who is affected by the shooter?

(5:15) The detailed procedures/employee training.

(11:50) Prevent shooters by having good employee comradery.

(15:15) What to say if you can call 911.

(19:00) How to describe the shooter to the police, etc, visit site .

(25:00) The recovery step -after the event.

(29:00) Why reassess the training every 6 months.

(32:30) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.