Creating your Self-Care Routine to Be Happy, First. Guest Angela McKay explains how. Crooked Spine Show

Do you find yourself increasingly frustrated by not being able to find a moment to yourself? Do you put your mental and physical health in LAST place? And, even if you find a moment, do you feel guilty about it, thinking about what you’re not getting done? Meet today’s guest, Angela McKay.  She helps “overwhelmed, driven, do-it-all women” (and potentially men) do more of what brings them energy and joy. Angela will help you break free of that undesirable cycle you find yourself stuck in day after day.

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And your Free guide: Seven Ways to Self-Care on her website.

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(6:10) Angela’s typical client.

(11:15) Asking the right questions to change emotion and action; is this your coach?

(14:30) Setting boundaries; especially with family.

(18:15) #1 excuse why people choose to not have self-care.

(20:45) Free guide: Angela’s 7 Ways to Self-Care on her website; what your #1?

(22:15) Different options with Angela’s coaching correlates your needs.

(32:00) How successful client feel and act.

(35:40) Who friends/family still like you after you choose self-care, first?

(38:45) Angela’s final message: showing up better for you and your people.