Can our Home Floors Make us Sick? Expert Mike owner of Baseline Carpet Care explains how to clean/sanitize them. Crooked Spine Show

Our home floors are stepped on everyday by us and our pets.  They look clean, right? Like our clothes and bodies, we need to clean our floors regularly to allow them to look and feel good; along with keeping them from wearing down. Mike of Baseline Carpet Care in Rancho Cucamonga gives his knowledge how to clean and sanitize our floors the right way with the right equipment that helps our health too.

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(3:30) 2 types of common professional carpet cleaning service. Which is better?

(7:00) Difference from a pro-service vs. DYI rental equipment from a store.

(8:10) How to clean tile and pet spots.

(14:00) Are my carpets ready for cleaning?

(15:40) What you can do to keep your carpets clean/sanitized.

(17:40) Better home air quality too.

(19:30) A personal connection to ask/schedule with Mike.