Assess First, then Begin your Workout. Derek and Dr. Tony. Episode 1. LPE Performance. Crooked Spine Show

So you want to start working out or lose weight? How are you going to start? Derek and Dr. Tony walk through the pitfalls that can stop you.  Also the steps you can take to give you the best chance to reach your goals.  Checkout the show.

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(1:50) Derek’s certifications and experience.

(2:50) Why joint motion is important.

(5:00) Start with a full assessment. Ex: assessing the hip.

(8:00) How to build muscle, properly.  For the average Joe/Jane and an athlete.

(13:45) Getting back to a healthy routine.

(16:15) Adjusting food to your Lifestyle -a better way.

(19:15) Why you can benefit from hiring a pro, or multiple pros.

(24:55) Dr. Tony’s wrap.