Ask your Doctors THIS WAY, and Get What you Need for Better Health. Crooked Spine Show

So many patients, suffer from not being heard by their doctors. Then doctors can easily misdiagnose you, leading to ineffective treatments (or sometimes no treatment at all). Tara is my expert today. She had helped many of her clients enjoy better health by navigating the healthcare system, or seek non-traditional medicine to get healthy. In today’s interview Tare will help you learn to become your best advocate to help YOU get the right care you need to get and stay healthy.

Show Topics:

* Is your doctor’s mindset to help you prevent disease & illness?

* How often does your doctor discuss your Personal health habits/lifestyle. Ex: Stress, sleep, nutrition, etc.

* Do you have 100% trust in your doctors’ diagnoses/treatments; or do you check with Dr. Google.

* What are Concierge Practices? Why are they becoming more common.

* And how Tara is her clients’ health care practitioner, helping them optimize their health.

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