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How the SCARY, DEADLY Adjustment can be Funny

The anxiety (false fear) of receiving a neck or other spinal adjustment can keep a patient from getting chiropractic pain relief.

You can spend hours on YouTube watch videos of “crack after crack” and listen to the “pop” sound, or watch the painful expression of  a person’s face?

–then have the same reaction/emotion in your body.?

That said, how do gain confidence that the adjustment is safe for you to stay relaxed?

Our patients receive an x-ray analysis and a thorough exam BEFORE any adjustments

Then patients understand how the adjustment is safe, and get pain relief.

Then the long-term benefits solve the spinal problem causing permanent pain relief “to feel and look good again.”??????

Watch the Secrets how the Adjustment is Safe (so you relax and get relief) through these related articles:

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How to Find a Chiropractor by Their X Ray Analysis

Each person is at a unique state of health.

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Henry’s Back Pain Solution, and Height Recovery

Being retired, Henry works part-time as a chaplain for a men’s correction facility.  Over the years, he did not worry about staying healthy.  By the time I had seen, Henry felt overweight and tired; he felt he was getting old. 

His exam showed Henry’s posture has become hunched over.  This and his sedentary lifestyle lead to a weaken and painful.  This took years to develop.

Henry’s x-ray analysis supported the poor posture by looking similar to this:

The straightening of his lower back and narrowed disc spacing represents less spinal motion that will cause a weaker back.

Henry is a positive and disciplined person, so it was easy to start chiropractic adjustments and exercises to stretch and strengthen his back.

After 4+ weeks allowed Henry to be pain-free and a better posture.  This caused Henry’s friends to say, “you look taller.”

Watch Henry tell his story….

Each person is at a unique state of health.

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Enjoying Life by a Healthy Spine, Magically. In-office Talk. Oct. ’17

This talk helps demystify the science behind the benefits of chiropractic care.  Using the nerve chart, we can trace how the spinal nerves connect to every part of the body to keep the body in normal or abnormal function.  There by correcting the spine to improve nerve function, the body can get and stay healthy.  Listen to this talk for the details.

Highlights for podcast:

Move to stay healthy (1:50).

Nerves are wired to entire body (4:20).

How nerves become irritated (6:20).

What is sub-lux-ation (8.35).

Nerve Chart-see it (9:50). -Here is it.

Nerves effect of muscle conditions (10:55).

Emergency back surgery (12:35).

Nerves effect of digestion/detoxification thru posture (13:40).

Nerves effect of less sleep/anxiety/fight or flight response (15:35).-Video clip.

P.M.A.: your attitude helps (19:00).

H.N.S.: this controls ALL of your health (20:45).

Q & A

“What happens during an adjustment?” (22:50).

“Your medicine are exercises, right?” (24:50).

“Can the spinal disc rejuvenate?” (25:45).

Dr. Tony wrap up (27:05).

Getting your spine checked for spinal conditions can help keep and recovery from pain and other dysfunctions normally treated with medications and surgery.  Then your body can stay healthy through “The Five Factors of Health”.

Hope you enjoyed listening to this episode of The Crooked Spine Show Podcast.

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