Wall Squat Exercise for Low Back Posture Strength

To help recover from low back spine pain and poor posture, start with this exercise.

The wall squat gets your legs stronger first in the correct posture, while supporting your back.

ALWAYS start with good posture before performing exercises.  The wall squat helps set your posture.


  1. Stand against the wall with your feet 12 inches away from the wall; hips, shoulders, head against the wall.

  2. While keeping your body/head against the wall, slide down the wall keeping your knees above your hips, or where you feel comfortable.

  3. Hold for 1 second, then slide back up.

Bonus: Hold the same posture, take one step forward, then repeat the squat while lowering ONLY wear you can hold the same posture.  If you cannot hold the posture then you have a weak back.

Every person’s body is at a different state of health.

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