Your Health Requires Movement. Here is the How and Why. @Gibson Jan. ’19 replay Crooked Spine Show

The human body requires movement for more than just physical health. When you move our joints and muscles, then nerves fire to stimulate brain activity, chemical reactions and hormonal stimulation. This results in better balance, strength, flexibility, feeling less stressed and a better immune system. This talk will give your simple movement patterns you can perform seated and standing to help you start to get and stay healthy.

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(4:20) Have fun moving.

(9:00) How hormones change with motion to relax you.

(14:00) Start with tapping feet; shoulders; knees.

(19:20) Proper walking posture; and w/ cane or walker.

(27:10) Tossing a ball for coordination/motion.

(31:30) Twisting a stick.

(37:40) How music helps.

(40:30) Different sexes lower stress differently.

Q/A (43:30) Breathing to help when you can’t move.

(47:50) Find ways & why to relax.

(49:30) Replay of exercises.