Proper, Pain-Free Walking with these Exercises. @Gibson Dec . ’21. Crooked Spine Show

Want to improve your walking? This workshop will breakdown the exercises you can start today at home to improve your flexibility and strength of our lower body muscles.

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(4:10) How to keep your left and right lower body balanced for walking; and prevent falls.

(5:10) Seated side hip stretch.

(8:10) Modified knee pain relief with knee extension exercise.

(12:55) Getting up from the floor.

(15:10) Wall hamstring stretch.

(18:00) Standing kick back exercise for back strength.

(20:30) Standing wall leg lifts for gait, stronger front hips.

(24:40) Proper walker setup for posture.

(27:30) Calf stretch exercise.

(35:15) Rolling feet exercise. Eyes open, closed; backward.

(49:50) Alternatives to walking outside. Ex: Assisted squats.

(54:30) Sitting checklist. May demos standing up from a chair.