Neck Pain Relief: Exercises & Better Posture. Gibson Nov. ’19 Replay. Crooked Spine Show

Nothing seems to be different as we start 2021. We need to stay Resilient in our habits that will keep our minds and bodies healthy.  This workshop will help your neck and upper body relieve pain, increase strength and improve posture; then your body can better handle the stressors in these days.

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(0:00) Dr. Tony’s intro.

(3:00) Effects of posture, sitting, wearing a bag.

(9:35) Upper trapezius exercise.

(27:50) Wall fly exercise.

(30:10) Shoulder exercise -Right angle elbow, then externally rotate hand above head.

(33:30) Exercise -Straight arm raise to the side.

(37:50) Seated shoulder shrugs.

(41:20) Standing exercise -straight arms horizontally rotate back to pinch shoulder blades.

(44:20) Review of exercises. Q/A time:

(48:20) Adjusting your walker for posture.

(51:10) How to use your pillow.