Neck Pain: 3 Steps to Recovery & 8 Patient Stories from Euclid Chiropractic. Crooked Spine Show

Neck pain can devastate your quality of life and your family and friends. Medications can help, but can you fix your neck? These are the “secret” three steps to help you recover, and eight stories of patients who are now neck pain-free.

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(1:15) 3 steps to neck pain recovery.

(5:00) Henry: arm pain relief too.

(6:40) Tommy: happy & singing again.

(9:00) Jessica: and shoulder/arm pain relief.

(9:45) Mike: after 10 years pain-free, now.

(10:50) Dean: no neck pain after wakeboard crashes.

(12:05) Vicky: and no more ear pain/pressure.

(13:10) Jack: and anxiety gone.

(17:35) Jaclyn: dizziness gone too after a car accident.

(19:30) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.