Neck Exercises -Help your Posture; Pain Relief @Gibson Sept ’19. Crooked Spine Show

Do you know how to relieve neck pain YOURSELF? Here are some exercise to stretch and strengthen your neck.  When you do them consistently, you learn how to keep yourself healthy to tolerate your daily stressors.  Listen in.

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(1:30) Check this first with chronic neck pain.

(6:10) How and why to stretch your neck for relief.

(12:20) Neck pillow stretch -pull your neck back.

(15:20) Better Side Sleeping to help your back, neck.

(18:20) Why to get uncomfortable to get healthy.

(19:40) How to check your sitting posture.

(21:00) Better feet position to help your neck.

(26:30) Knee pain? Try this exercise.

(29:00) How to sleep better.

(29:45) 3 Shoulders exercise to stretch and strengthen.

(34:40) Wall Fly exercise for lower neck strength.

(36:45) Reverse Fly exercise for shoulders, upper back.

(37:55) Shrug exercise for shoulders/neck strength.

Q/A time:

(39:40) Can an adjustment/massage cause a stroke?

(41:20) Why can’t I get my doctor to listen to what I need?

(47:55) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.